EDUTEC International Conference, 2017

/EDUTEC International Conference, 2017

EDUTEC International Conference, 2017

Research, Innovation, technologies

The triad that can transform the educational process


ESE: O’s director Soledad Falabella and  María Rosa Maurizi, Director of Online Education at the Providencia Professional Institute (IPP), participated in November in the 20th EDUTEC International Conference 2017. in Santiago.  The conference was organized by the Department of Education and the Center for Research and Innovation in Education and Technology ( CIIET) at the University of Santiago.

Falabella and Maurizi gave a joint presentation on “Innovative teaching of communication skills in a fully online cross-sectional course for academic integration and professional/technical education”, focusing on IPP’s successful online course on “Skills for Oral and Written Communication” for professional and technical students.

In the conclusions of their talk, they stressed the importance of recognizing students’ learning potential and ability to enable motivation and learning processes. They also emphasized the relevance of reading competence in developing levels of cognition and achieving self-assigned goals, and the importance of daily life in the integration of concepts and the quality of interaction with the online community.

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