Diversity and Collaboration

/Diversity and Collaboration

Knowledge Translation for Activists – HI V/AI DS, Gender and Security Program/SSRC – Brooklyn, USA

Description: he main goal of this project is the development of an online capacity building methodology to validate the experiences and achievements of activists to impact local and international academia and policy makers. The project also aims to evaluate this methodology and test its replicability. The first phase of this project was to produce an [...]


“Hilando en la memoria”: First Anthology of Poetry by Mapuche Women Poets

Description: The publication of the first anthology of Mapuche women poets, Hilando en la memoria (2006) and the successive Hilando en la memoria, Epu rupa (2009), are part of a longstanding and fruitful collaboration among Mapuche women poets and the non-governmental organization ESE:O, launched in November 2006 with the first “Meeting with Mapuche Women Poets” [...]