Institute for Technology and Graduate Studies (TEC Monterrey), Mexico. Reading Competency: An Approach for Life and the Classroom. Online diploma.

Description: ESE:O and the Monterrey (Mexico) Institute for Technology and Graduate Studies (TEC Monterrey) worked together to create an innovative Diploma program to train instructors in the development of reading skills based on international PISA exam guidelines and “Literacy for Life” approach, as promoted by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). ESE:O partnered with [...]


SEP/Government of Mexico – PISA Evaluation – Teacher/Student Manuals

Description: ESE:O provided strategic consultation to Mexico’s Ministry of Education for its PISA 2009 Evaluation campaign and training manuals used by teachers and students. PISA is the acronym of the International Program of Student Evaluation, an exam given every three years since 1997 by the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development. The exam, given in [...]