Institute for Technology and Graduate Studies (TEC Monterrey), Mexico. Reading Competency: An Approach for Life and the Classroom. Online diploma.


ESE:O and the Monterrey (Mexico) Institute for Technology and Graduate Studies (TEC Monterrey) worked together to create an innovative Diploma program to train instructors in the development of reading skills based on international PISA exam guidelines and “Literacy for Life” approach, as promoted by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD).

ESE:O partnered with the prestigious TEC Monterrey, one of Latin America’s most experienced providers of distance education, with 80,000 online students per year. The result was a solid technological alliance for support and projection.


The Diploma consisted of 120 hours of coursework, entirely online, preceded by a single face-to-face session on platform use.

Learning activities included texts of varying extensions and complexity following and complementing the PISA model. The teaching method for reading comprehension followed PISA guidelines. The practical nature of the methodology focused on the content used in the course, allowing for the procedural development of abilities and content.

ESE:O’s innovative contributions to this course are evident in its comprehensive approach to the component of writing instruction and the intensive use of communication technologies and online environments, where the dynamics of reflection and interaction generate a change in the functional structure of knowledge creation

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