Ford Foundation: Teaching Sexualities in University Curricula in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


The Ford Foundation partnered with ESE:O and Asian, African and Latin American academics committed to teaching in the areas of sexualities and gender and including these in university curricula. This consisted of evaluating the institutional capacity of universities to academic research, teaching and the production of knowledge in the sexualities fields with gender perspectives from the context of the global South.


ESE:O developed the online support for coordination and systemization of the project Interdisciplinary Project on Women’s Studies at the Colegio de Mexico. Our participation included system design for coordination, communication, training and systemization of the LMS platform providing general assistance, systematization and project evaluation.

Through peer review and feedback, participants in ESE:O courses and workshops developed skills in critical thinking, planning, writing and participation in online communities. Academics from universities in Asia, Africa and Latin America, worked under the supervision of Dr. Adriana Ortiz Ortega, of Mexico’s National Autonomous University. The project was conducted with researchers from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, China and South Africa. Project outcomes will be published as a book and in other formats for broad circulation.