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ESE:O’s develops multi-disciplinary projects in the field of education directed at K-12 students with the objective of developing capacity in “democratic literacy.” This implies building general competencies (reading comprehension, mathematics, science and literacy) along with social competencies needed to participate fully in public and democratic life.

Our work is inspired in the notion Literacy for Life developed and promoted by the OCDE, which is defined as the capacity to interact with culturally and socially codified systems of meaning: local dialects and languages, citizens, diversity, etc. Overall, it seeks to understand how to read and interpret the world.

Our work follows standards of the PISA test (OECD), based in the national SIMCE test and the international test to measure adult literacy PIAAC (16-65 years, OECD).

Reading literacy plays a key role in building the capacity to understand, comprehend, utilize and analyze written texts that comply with the teacher’s objectives, thus overall developing knowledge and new possibilities to participate in society.

This competency goes far beyond the classroom, helping to resolve real, pressing problems and to encourage social interaction: the world comes into the classroom and the classroom goes out into the world.

Institute for Technology and Graduate Studies (TEC Monterrey), Mexico. Reading Competency: An Approach for Life and the Classroom. Online diploma.

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