Equitas Foundation: ESE:O Intercultural Program for Academic Writing, Critical Thought and Intercultural Abilities for Postgraduate Studies


This program was designed for selected IFP scholarship recipients in order to prepare them for postgraduate studies of academic excellence in Chile and abroad. Participating scholars at the graduate and undergraduate levels developed the competencies in academic writing, critical thought and intercultural skills necessary for academic success.


The Program was conducted through a combination of face-to-face group sessions and independent distance learning (“b-learning”):
The design incorporates three fundamental approaches:

  • competencies in academic writing;
  • critical thought, situated in its context;
  • intercultural skills.

This integrated approach builds cognitive skills through issues of interest to participants. Students develop the capacity to express themselves critically and develop their research interests while reflecting on the social, academic, cultural and political implications of their work.

The ESE:O methodology teaches academic writing and collaborative work via its online campus, using the following elements:

Online discussion forums to reinforce reflexive (meta-cognitive) learning, development of critical thought, debate and tolerance

Peer editing through collaboration and role-playing in the production and discussion of texts. Participants produce an academic paper and generate support networks for team learning and/or working styles that encourage cooperative relationships among participants. Editing is collaborative, involving peers and instructors in all phases of the writing process.

Development of both cognitive and social competencies for learning and the parallel achievement of academic, personal and social objectives. This comprehensive style of learning facilitates successful integration into highly competitive and challenging academic communities.

Progressive, cyclical methodology encourages active appropriation of program objectives by building awareness of the processes involved in high-quality academic production and making explicit the ability to name, comment, critique, draft and revise, program participants make learning their own.

Combine learning to speak and write with action. Sharing knowledge in different areas and among diverse people is important and necessary. The ESE:O methodology encourages participation in non-academic realms through experiences of interaction that are applicable to other social realms