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ESE:O’s works with scholars and institutions to develop capacity in authoring and publishing academic articles in peer-reviewed international journals, promoting local knowledge based on international standards. The ESE:O’smethodology aims to promote the publication of research findings from the Global South in peer-reviewed international journals in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), human rights, cultural critique and democracy, among others. It understands peer revision as a situated writing practice wherein multiple agents participate, thus becoming the result of distributed community procedures.

The ability for researchers to peer-review and publish their work in international journals is important because:

a. Scientifically validated knowledge determines policies that impact local communities.

b. Knowledge circulation has an effect on knowledge production by determining where funds are allocated.

c. It is a key for changing the unequal distribution of power from within.

d. New information technologies play an important part in promoting “logodiversity”, a more egalitarian distribution of power.

ESE:O’s methodology is a tool for online teaching of writing and publishing at different educational levels: it can be used to help young scholars hone their writing skills for publication in international journals or to help teachers teach writing as a collaborative process. This methodology is based on a flexible, performative approach to writing and it follows a series of user-friendly steps.

The key ingredient of ESE:O’s online courses is interaction: between students and instructors, and between participants through peer editing of each other’s work. By revising their colleagues’ writing and having their work edited in return, participants in ESE:O’s courses and workshops develop their critical thinking, their outlining and writing skills, and their capacity for participating productively in virtual discursive communities.

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