Ford Foundation Peer Review Project

The aim of the Peer Review Project is to promote publication of academic research from the global South in international peer-reviewed journals in the fields of gender and sexuality, human and sexual rights, and reproductive health. The program was implemented with Ford Foundation support in conjunction with the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the [...]


CIDE/Division of Legal Studies: Academic Writing Workshop.

Description: Numerous studies describe the inadequate preparation, in terms of certain cognitive skills, of students entering higher education in Latin America. This deficiency is especially noteworthy in the area of academic writing (of reports, summaries, papers, presentations, research outcomes, etc.) Students are required to respond to writing requirements despite lack of skills and competencies in [...]


Ford Foundation: Teaching Sexualities in University Curricula in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Description: The Ford Foundation partnered with ESE:O and Asian, African and Latin American academics committed to teaching in the areas of sexualities and gender and including these in university curricula. This consisted of evaluating the institutional capacity of universities to academic research, teaching and the production of knowledge in the sexualities fields with gender perspectives [...]


Equitas Foundation: ESE:O Intercultural Program for Academic Writing, Critical Thought and Intercultural Abilities for Postgraduate Studies

Description: This program was designed for selected IFP scholarship recipients in order to prepare them for postgraduate studies of academic excellence in Chile and abroad. Participating scholars at the graduate and undergraduate levels developed the competencies in academic writing, critical thought and intercultural skills necessary for academic success. Methodology: The Program was conducted through a [...]


Fundación Ford / Pathways for Higher Education – Collaborative Book Proyect

Description: The project was based on a collaborative writing methodology developed by ESE:O, which coordinated and motivated group processes of planning and writing the resulting publication through the systematization of conversations and interchanges occurring online. Methodology: ESE:O designed and implemented the following methodology for this project: Support for the overall planning of the initiative. Conceptual [...]